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From construction to production, sustainability is one of Nuckolls Brewing’s primary goals.  At every step, Nuckolls strives to minimize waste and make use of existing materials.

The moment you step onto the property you are met with countless examples of this ethos.  Perimeter fencing is made with old pieces of heavy steel rail track.  The massive steel beams supporting the expansive outdoor deck were made from recycled and refabricated steel.  The large outdoor deck is made with thick Ponderosa Pine from the forest fire reclamation efforts of Old Wood Company of Las Vegas, NM.


Indoors, the beautiful Douglas fir flooring in our upstairs bar, along with the live-edged Ponderosa pine bar, is sourced from Old Wood company of Las Vegas, NM and comes from regional forest management efforts and fire burned reclaimed trees.  The gorgeous baby grand piano was donated by our generous neighbors at The Collective.  The piano had been in their family for decades.


Downstairs, you might recognize the copper-topped bar from La Fonda Hotel, which dates back 100 years and is fronted by doors from the historic hotel.  The built-in cabinetry behind the bars is vintage furniture, modified to fit the space.

Beneath the outdoor grilling deck sits a water treatment facility designed to treat and cleanse spent beer water. Typically most of the water used to make beer ends up in the sewer.  With its water treatment facility, designed and built by Alfonz Viszolay of VM Technology, Nuckolls is able to capture and re-use its spent beer water to irrigate its spacious outdoor beer garden.  The Nuckolls Beer Garden will be a true Beer Garden, irrigated solely from rainwater and recycled and cleansed beer water.


In keeping with the spirit of avoiding waste, Nuckolls donates its spent grain to local ranchers to feed livestock.  This same local livestock frequently makes its way back to Nuckolls to be cooked on our outdoor grill platform and served to our guests.



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All of our beer, wine and spirits are manufactured in New Mexico. Nuckolls Brewing offers among the largest selection of New Mexico beer in the world.  With 64 taps, including its own beer brewed on-site, there’s something for every beer lover.  And if beer isn’t your thing, Nuckolls offers cocktails made with New Mexico’s finest spirits, as well as the finest New Mexico wine.


From the indoor beer hall as well as the outdoor deck, patrons can view our beer as it is being made in our state-of-the-art three-barrel system.  The beer is brewed on site, using indigenous New Mexico hops, and piped directly from the brewhouse to the copper serving tanks suspended above the bar.  Our hops will soon be grown on site using recycled spent water from the brewing process.

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